Australian Education Market

Australian Education Market (AEM) was developed with the intent of providing a way for international students to study accredited online Australian courses from home. AEM is essentially a marketplace for Australia’s leading courses and course providers.

The challenge for Greenhat was to design an entirely new brand that would appeal to both local and international markets alike with a professional, contemporary and credible feel.

Early on in the design process it was decided that a symbolic ‘Australia Map’ graphic would be the best way to articulate the brand to international markets.

In the end a simple yet dynamic logo and polished website was produced with a highly intuitive back-end student portal along with print collateral, social media advertising and various templates.


  • Responsive Website /
  • Logo Design /
  • Art Direction /
  • Social Media /
  • Student Portal /
  • Print Collateral
Australian Education Market Showcase 1
Australian Education Market Showcase 2
Australian Education Market Showcase 3
Australian Education Market Showcase 4
Australian Education Market Showcase 5


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