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Learn how today’s fastest growing companies drive breakout success.

Growth hacking provides you with the strategy and training to achieve consistent, data-driven growth.

Want to consistently grow and improve your business?

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Growth Hacking reveals the secret behind the rise of some of the world’s most successful startups and big blue-chip companies.

Growth Hacking focuses intensely on the 3 Core Growth Levers; acquiring new customers; activating new customers and engaging with existing ones; and retaining customers, making sure they return regularly and repeatedly. It blends product development, analytics and online marketing to rapidly generate, prioritise and test ideas to evaluate what really works to drive growth.

Greenhat will facilitate a fast-paced, high energy and interactive 2 1/2 hour workshop, setting you up with a number of experiments ready to test. Following the workshop will be a 4-6 week period involving a genuine effort on your part to test a number of theories that could spur growth. From there you will be equipped with a process to ideate, prioritise, test, measure and repeat.

Why are growth levers important?

There is no question that stalled growth is one of the most pressing problems for today’s businesses. There are endless tactics, campaigns, decisions and ideas you can use to grow your business. But where do you start and how do you know which idea will work for your business? We know that there are exactly three fundamental growth metrics that work for any business - no matter the type or size of the business.

1. Acquisition Image

1. Acquisition

How do your potential customers find out about you? How do they hear about your product or service? How do they get in touch?

2. Activation Image

2. Activation

How do you turn your potential customers into paying customers? What’s your conversion rate?

3. Retention Image

3. Retention

How do you keep your customers coming back, rebooking? How do you increase their Customer Lifetime Value?

Grwoth Chart Profits

The more loyal customers you have - the higher your profits.

In fact, studies by Bain & Company, along with Earl Sassar of Harvard Business School, have shown that even a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits of between 25 & 95 percent.

The Growth Hacking process.

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The Growth Hacking process is a continuous cycle that covers a specific set of activities that teams should undertake to find new, and amplify existing, growth opportunities through rapid experimentation to find the top performers.

The speed with which the Growth Hacking process can produce significant improvements is remarkable. But Growth Hacking is not about throwing ideas against the wall as fast as you can to see what sticks, it’s about applying rapid experimentation to find, prioritise and then optimise the most promising areas of opportunity.

What does a workshop look like?

Each workshop runs as a 2.5hr intensive, fast-paced and interactive team session comprising a maximum of 7 people; including a Facilitator and a Decider

During the workshop Greenhat will facilitate the creation of a cross-functional team, or a set of teams that help break down the traditional isolated divisions in favour of a collaboration to combine talents.

Analyse: Step 1-4

experience-1 Image

Scoping Exercises

What's moving the company forward?

What's holding the company back?

Is your product/service a must-have?

Analyse: Step 5-8

experience-2 Image

Voting & Sorting

Identify biggest challenges.

Prioritising challenges based on a voting system.

Turning challenges (HMWs) into opportunities.

Analyse: Step 9-11

experience-3 Image

Mapping & Targets

Create a Growth Map and place the HMWs where they belong on the map.

Define the target area based on amount of opportunities for improvement.

Ideate: Step 12-13

experience-4 Image

Lightning Demo's

Examples gathered about how other companies approach similar challenges.

Define the Big Ideas and ideate through collaboration exercises.

Ideate: Step 14-20

experience-5 Image

Concepting Experiments

Review what's been learned and discussed so far, and brainstorm ideas for some key experiments for team to review.

Vote on the preferred shortlist of valid experiments.

Prioritise: Step 21-27

experience-6 Image

Prioritising & Assigning

Assess each of the experiment candidates using an Effort vs Impact scale.

Assign priority experiments to key individuals who will be responsible for testing and measuring results.

Test: Homework

experience-7 Image

Test Experiments

Workshop is complete and it's time to undertake the experiments and track and measure results.

Meet back in 4-6 weeks time to discuss outcomes and ideate new tests.

Who can become a Growth Hacker?

Growth Hacking is not just a tool for marketers. It can be applied to a new product or service innovation and to the continuous improvement of products and services as well as growing an existing customer base. As such, it’s equally useful to everyone from product developers, to engineers, to designers, to salespeople, to managers.

Cut out th efat diagrams

Dissolving the line between marketing and product

The collaborative ‘Growth Hacking’ approach is unfortunately under-utilised at companies of all types and sizes. The all too common practice of siloing business units into isolated groups that rarely talk, share information, or actually collaborate, has been a widely acknowledged organisational Achilles’ heel at many companies worldwide.

These traditional processes are based on gut-driven decisions, whereas Growth Hacking replaces this approach with rapid experimentation and data-backed decision making.

Growth Hacking dissolves the line between marketing and product development and focusses on the full journey.

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What to expect from a Growth Hacking Workshop.

The goal of every Growth Hacking workshop is ultimately to identify new, and boost existing growth opportunities and then be able to confidently go away with a clear understanding of the principals and strategies needed to achieve consistent growth.

You will be able to define actionable goals, implement analytics to track goals, ascertain worthwhile growth opportunities and execute experiments to test their validity.

This same methodology can be used to repeat the process creating a continuous cycle of growth.

What can Growth Hacking be used for?

Growth Hacking is ideal for anyone who is trying to grow their business-revenue, number of customers or both! It can be implemented just as effectively at a large established company as it can at a small fledgling start-up. In a nutshell, if acquiring new customers (and retaining existing ones) or growing revenue is important to your business then Growth Hacking is for you. Some of the areas Growth Hacking workshops are ideal for include:

Online consumer web portals, applications or service businesses Image

Online consumer web portals, applications or service businesses

eCommerce websites, online retailers or cloud service businesses Image

eCommerce websites, online retailers or cloud service businesses

Product innovation, continuous improvement, development and testing Image

Product innovation, continuous improvement, development and testing

Solving complex challenges and problems Image

Solving complex challenges and problems

Improving business systems and processes or internal team collaboration Image

Improving business systems and processes or internal team collaboration

Advertising and marketing campaign concepts Image

Advertising and marketing campaign concepts

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