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W Supplies

eCommerce Store

A website refresh to reflect W Supplies new branding and visual identity.

The Brief

Whereabout Supply, now rebranded as W Supplies, embarked on a visual transformation of their website to align with their evolving vision. Greenhat played a pivotal role in facilitating this transition by seamlessly integrating the new branding and colour scheme into their existing Magento website.

The objective was to ensure a harmonious and consistent user experience while reinforcing the company's rebranding efforts and maintaining a cohesive online presence.

W Supplies
The Solution

Greenhat modified the Magento website, originally designed by our team, to incorporate the fresh visual identity of W Supplies. This involved integrating the new branding elements and colour scheme, and updated typography seamlessly into the website's design. The agile update ensured that the website aligned perfectly with the company's rebranding strategy, providing a cohesive and unified user experience.


  • Magento 2
  • HTML5
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • CSS3
  • Algolia
  • PayPal

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