Need to accelerate a big project or solve a challenging problem?

There’s a reason why the biggest companies in the world - like United Nations, Google, Facebook, Lufthansa, Apple & Slack - use Design Sprints

Design Sprints compress months of work into just four (4) days.

Design Sprints are a proven methodology that provide a structured process to define challenges, design solutions, develop high-fidelity interactive prototypes and test these against real users to validate ideas - all in under a week!

Design Sprints Cycle

What is a
Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a structured step-by-step system for innovating & testing products as a team in one week.


A Design Sprint compresses months of product development into a concise four-day process. Design Sprints cut the fat out of the standard design process to launch products faster so you can learn from real user data, not guesswork.


Design Sprints were invented out of Google in 2011 by a (then) Google employee, Jake Knapp, who realised there must be a better way.


Design Sprints are now used by the worlds leading companies to rapidly innovate and iterate new products – including websites, software, applications, physical products, big challenges, and more.

Fast way

Design Sprints are the fastest way to find out if your product is worth developing, if a feature is worth the effort, or if your value proposition is valid.

Don’t invest months of your time. Invest a week.

Design Sprints facilitate expedited solution design, rapid prototyping and real-user testing. Design and feedback loops are dramatically compressed, meaning months of design and testing can be validated by real-users within just days.

What does a Design Sprint look like?

The Design Sprint is a 4-day intensive.

On Day 1 we work with you to define the challenges and scope for the week. On Day 2 we prioritise and decide what challenges to prototype. On Day 3 we rapidly build a high-fidelity prototype, which is then tested with real users on Day 4.

Clients In-House

Define the challenges.

Produce a mass of solutions.

Clients In-House

Curate and vote on best solutions.

Define the prototype with a story board.


Build the prototype.

Set up the user tests.


Test the prototype with real users.

Use feedback from testing to create clear next steps.

What to
expect from a
Design Sprint.

The outcome of every Design Sprint Week is a high-fidelity interactive prototype, tested by real users, with clear insights on where to go next.

This is not a wireframe or a paper prototype. It looks and feels like a real product.

With your prototype in-hand and armed with real user insights, decisions on how to advance your idea become crystal clear.

You can then use a second sprint to iterate and polish your idea, bringing it close to production-readiness, or use the prototype to sell the idea further and develop the concept.

Who are
Design Sprints
relevant for?

Design Sprints are just as relevant for startups as Fortune 500’s; maybe even more so! Design Sprints yield results fast. They expedite products to market, resolve complex problems and overcome design creep. If you’re innovating a new product or service, or need to find a solution to a complex problem, a Design Sprint may be the answer!

Cut Out Fat Diagram

Traditional design workflows are inherently full of fat - ineffective and costly waste that slow design, destroy morale and innovation, and impede customer-centric solutions.

Design Sprints break down hierarchies and garner team energy and creativity to yield powerful, validated solutions.

By compressing months (or even years) of design and production time into a week, Design Sprints advance ideas rapidly, saving you an enormous amount of time and investment. And by rapidly bringing prototypes to market, yield on opportunity is maximised.

Design Sprints in action.

Greenhat is one of Australia’s leading Design Sprint agencies. By working with Greenhat, you can be confident you’re plugging into an experienced, well-oiled agency that will optimise your outcomes.

Here are just a few case studies from recent Design Sprints...

Shopping Cart Abandonment.

We worked with a large industry association in the health sector who was experiencing cart abandonment issues in their membership signup process. Only 23% of prospective members who started the signup process completed it. The Design Sprint uncovered strategies that removed bottlenecks and increased signup completion to 59%, more than doubling conversion. This one 4-day Sprint almost doubled their revenue, providing cashflow to invest in additional valuable services for their members.

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Business eCoaching Platform.

We worked with B-Tribe from concept, through prototyping, to live version launch. Design Sprints enabled us to uncover core customer-centric functionality, conduct real-world testing, and quickly iterate a desirable product that customers were willing to pay for. They achieved in excess of 6,000 Small to Medium Business registrations in 3-months.

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Recurring Revenue Business.

We worked with Mental Health Academy (MHA) to build Australia’s leading professional development platform for mental health practitioners. MHA had idea overload. Progress was being stifled by wanting to bring too many ideas to life at the same time. Through Design Sprint methodology, we assisted MHA focus on their core product, test it with real customers, and deliver a significant product advancement that had lay dormant for over 18-months in 8-weeks.

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Innovation Product Launch.

We worked with a founder that was innovating an e-health product and community for mothers. The initial seed concept was broad and positioned in a highly competitive space. Using a Design Sprint, we assisted the founder identify a focussed, differentiated value proposition, that was built into a high-fidelity prototype and tested with real customers. The valuable marketfacing feedback informed the initial product launch, short cutting what would have been months (or years) of costly operations and product development.

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What should Design Sprints be used for?

Design Sprints are ideal for any project. Design Sprints compress projects that would normally take months (or years), into just 4-days. Importantly, Design Sprints test solutions with real customers, providing immediate market-facing feedback. At the end of the 4 days, you’ll have a high fidelity prototype tested with real customers, and a clear path forward. Design Sprints are ideal for:


Website & software development and improvement


Application (Apps) development


Physical product innovation, development and testing


Solving complex challenges and problems


Improving business systems and processes


Advertising and marketing campaign design

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