At Greenhat, we are very grateful for the opportunity to undertake charitable work with people and organisations that matter in our community.



Not one to just sit on the sidelines - in January 2018, Greenhat’s very own CEO embarked on a Study Tour in Kenya which may well have been the most eye-opening experience. “I thought I came to give something to people who had little. But I realised I actually received an amazing gift from the connections with them. They gave me so much more than what I could ever give them.”

The Study Tour to Kenya included no shortage of learning. The first project we visited was a school called Aberdare Ranges Primary School in Nakuru where we met 1080 students who were studying in a brilliantly-managed school that started just 8 years ago with 80 children from a displaced-persons camp. “These fantastically bright, exuberant and happy children are now being offered secondary school placements in the national and higher regional community high schools opening their opportunities for financial independence not only for themselves but also their families”

Following this project we visited a Goat Project being managed by World Youth International. This project is making a huge difference to an entire Kenyan family by sponsoring a goat and providing the breeding infrastructure. While the breeding program is underway, income can be generated through the sale of anti-HIV goats’ milk and goats’ meat and, of course, the sale of goat kids. In the longterm, the production of other products such as soap, cheese and yoghurt for sale at local markets creates additional income as well. Most families are using this income to send their children to school which drives the whole family out of poverty.

“The highlight project of the trip was to donate all the materials and provide all the labour to construct a mud house for a family who lost their home in the recent political violence in Nairobi. Returning to their village in Odede, this family with a young daughter were living in a tiny single-room shed. At the end of two days, our 20-member team completed the mud house with three rooms ready for the family to move in. What an achievement hey?”

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