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The University of Queensland (UQ)

Dashboard Development, UX/UI Design

A dynamic web dashboard, disseminating insights on UQ’s landmark Tesla Battery project.

The Brief

The University of Queensland (UQ), renowned for its academic excellence and with a commitment to innovation, UQ's Energy Management team aimed to share insights into their pioneering energy initiatives while effectively engaging University stakeholders and the broader public.

The Tesla Battery, boasting an impressive capacity of 1.1 MW / 2.2 MWh, stood as the largest lithium battery installation within an Australian university, sparking widespread interest among researchers and students alike.

The University of Queensland (UQ)
The Solution

Greenhat developed an intuitive and visually compelling dashboard which was strategically positioned in front of the battery enclosure and also featured on the UQ Sustainability webpage. This platform served as a gateway to real-time updates on the battery's operational status and grants access to comprehensive historical datasets.

Utilising technologies such as ReactJS, Greenhat engineered a user-friendly dashboard that showcased the battery's performance metrics through intuitive time series data visualisation. Despite the complexity of the data, the dashboard's minimalist design ensured accessibility to a diverse audience, catering to both experts and novices in energy management.

Employing a serverless architecture hosted on AWS S3, coupled with seamless data retrieval via a JSON API, Greenhat ensured optimal performance and scalability for the dashboard. This innovative approach not only met UQ's objective of simplifying complex data but also transformed the dashboard into a valuable educational resource for stakeholders and the wider community.


  • ReactJS
  • WebSocket
  • D3
  • Real-time Data

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