The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland (UQ) required the design and development of a public-facing web dashboard for their Tesla Battery project.

As an education institution, UQ’s Energy Management team is committed to knowledge sharing on cutting-edge energy management projects, with a focus on communicating performance and sharing data with University stakeholders and the wider public. The 1.1 MW / 2.2 MWh Tesla Battery is now the largest lithium battery installed at an Australian university and, due to its location is now generating a significant amount of interest from researchers and students.

The dashboard was displayed on a large screen installed in-front of the battery enclosure, as well as on the UQ Sustainability webpage. The dashboard displays information relating to the current operating state of the Battery whilst the webpage also provided users with access to historical datasets.

The overall goal of the dashboard was to display a window of time series data (2-3 days) for the various metrics relating to the battery. Greenhat designed and developed a dashboard that was easy to read at a glance, stylistically simple yet provided all the relevant information and communicated with a broad audience.

The dashboard system was serverless in nature, hosted as a static website in an AWS S3 bucket. With data retrieved via an API returning JSON data.


  • UX and UI Design /
  • Responsive Dashboard Webpage

Main Technologies Used

  • ReactJS /
  • D3 /
  • WebSocket /
  • Real-time Data
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