Shekinah Glory Academy

Shekinah Glory Academy

During a Study Tour with B1G1 in Kenya, our CEO, Anthony discussed producing a website for a local school – Shekinah Glory Academy who had a goal to one day become the leading prep school in the region.

Greenhat donated their services to produce a simple and graphical single page site to provide information about the school, the benefits to local families and outline ways in which local and international support can help the school.

Despite very little information, content or imagery, we were determined to produce a professional website that tied in their school uniform colours, the school logo and motto as well as highlight their over-arching beliefs.

The end product was simple, colourful, friendly and easy to navigate.


  • Responsive Website /
  • Copywriting
Shekinah Glory Academy Showcase 2
Shekinah Glory Academy Showcase 3


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