Nature Bound Australia

Nature Bound Australia

Nature Bound Australia (NBA) offers unique and inspiring tours providing for intimate travel experiences with like‐minded travellers throughout Australia’s iconic outback.

NBA observed a drop off in online enquiries from marketing initiatives such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads and required a strategic review of their marketing campaigns in order to save on unnecessary and wasted costs in programs that do not see an effective and maintainable return on investment.

It was at this point that NBA undertook and completed a web strategy workshop with us along with a design & development Sprint which identified a number of visual, structural and strategic improvements to NBA’s website.

We proposed a variety of website improvements to address a shortfall in online enquiries through NBA’s website. The focus was directed towards an overall improvement in the website’s look, feel and function of key areas in the site, primarily the display and layout of the important tour pages. Additionally, an improvement was required to the Bookings Form.

We also recommended that NBA offer visitors an enticement Call to Action (CTA) inducement such as a “Request our 2019 Most Popular Outback Destinations” brochure so as to be an effective lead capture mechanism.

The updated website now presents the tours in a clear and easily identifiable format, has improved on the formatting and flow of the Homepage and Tour pages and provides a clear Call to Action and enticement section.


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