Life Coaching Institute Australia

Life Coaching Institute Australia

The Life Coaching Institute of Australia (LCIA) is a national training provider specialising in the delivery of Life Coaching qualifications.

LCIA approached Greenhat to develop a cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) which would allow them to seamlessly add additional courses as the business grew and streamline their Government reporting requirements.

Utilising AWS cloud based infrastructure to host the project, we designed and developed a RESTful web service to act as a central point to manage the data.

The Learning Management System and Staff Administration Portals were then developed to interact with the RESTful API.

Custom reporting was also developed to automate the reporting requirements of the business. Automating many of these processes which previously were handled manually by staff has streamlined the business and allowed LCIA to focus less on reporting and more on providing a high level of service to their student cohort.

LCIA then required a new responsive website that the LMS and Admin portals could integrate seamlessly with to deliver various course work materials direct to the student, provide prompt communication and networking channels between staff and students and offer online support options.

Since the launch of these projects, Greenhat has had an ongoing relationship with LCIA and have since undertaken the redesign of all their course materials including a new course guide, e-newsletter, student certificates, promotional pages and flyers that would visually complement their new website and provide consistency across the brand.


  • Responsive Website /
  • Promotional Campaigns /
  • Ezine /
  • Course Materials /
  • LMS /
  • Admin Portal

Main Technologies Used

  • PHP /
  • MySQL /
  • HTML /
  • CSS /
  • REST API /
  • AWS
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